Somerset prints by a Somerset artist on Somerset paper

My latest print is a monochrome linocut print of a Bishop’s Palace window in Wells, Somerset, printed on St Cuthberts Mill’s Somerset paper.

The Bishop’s Palace is a medieval palace that has been home to the bishops of Bath and Wells for over 800 years.

St. Cuthbert’s have been making paper at their mill just outside Wells since the 1700’s.

I turned up fairly recently and am now making prints of historic local subjects on beautiful local paper.

As ever, this image is available in the form of a greetings card and the original will soon be available in galleries.

Wells Cathedral Retrochoir

I recently finished this linocut print of the view through the Retrochoir to the Lady Chapel in Wells Cathedral. It is a 20 x 30cm, five colour, reduction print. I haven’t decided yet how many of the 14 prints will make it into the edition.

Linocut print of Wells Cathedral Retrochoir

In case you are wondering what a retrochoir is, it is just a name for the space between the high altar and the chapel behind it. Wells Cathedral has a particularly beautiful one.

This print will soon be available for sale, on my website and in galleries. At the moment it is still drying. However, it is already available in the form of a greetings card, at the price of £2.50 from the Love From The Artist website.

Cards, with love from the artist


Many of my prints are now available in the form of greetings cards from a wonderful organisation called “Love from the Artist.” They are a social enterprise, not run for profit, set up to help artists. You can read more about the way they work and their goals, here.

Buying cards from them is a brilliant way to support artists and the arts. Sales of cards might not seem very significant, but they do tend to add up, and can help artists cover the cost of materials. They can make the difference between an artist making a profit and carrying on, or not.


You can see my page and what I hope will be a growing collection of cards on their site. I’ve ordered some of the cards myself and I am really impressed with the quality.

If you happen to run a gallery or shop, particularly in Wells, or elsewhere in Somerset, then you can buy my cards at very competitive retail prices direct from the site.