Introduction to Linocut Workshop 11th August 2018 Wells, Somerset

I’ll be running a one day “Introduction to Linocut” workshop at the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen gallery, in Wells, on Saturday 11th August 2018 from 10am to 4pm.

It is the only workshop I will run this year and will be limited to a maximum of five participants.  As a beginner’s workshop the focus is on helping you to get started and giving you enough information and experience to carry on with linocut after the event. I’ll be showing you a method you can use at home, without the need for a press or too much expensive equipment.

The workshop will include demonstrations followed by practical hands-on experience and experimentation with tools and techniques to create your own unique linocut print. Mark-making is incredibly important in linocut, so there will be time to learn on a practice piece before moving onto working on your design. The tools are sharp, so I will teach you about safety too.

Prints from a workshop in Crewkerne

I always like it when people bring their own ideas/subjects to the workshop. It is amazing how diverse people’s interests are and it always makes for some lively conversations during the day.

If you have any questions about the workshop then please send a message via my contact form or ask for more details at the Guild shop in Wells.

Booking is through the Guild (Telephone 01749 671112). It is £55 per person.

The next workshop after this one will be in Spring 2019 and will run over a number of weeks. More information on this later.


Somerset Art Weeks 2017 review

Art Weeks 2017 Exhibition
Art Weeks 2017 Exhibition

Somerset Art Weeks 2017 festival has finished. It was the first time I’ve taken part and was an interesting experience. I spent most of my time at the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen’s gallery where my work was part of the “Paper Prospects” exhibition, so I’m afraid I didn’t get out to see any other venues.

Kilve Beach (Detail)
Kilve Beach (Detail)

I made some new work specially for the Prospect theme, joining the many artists who have created work inspired by the landscape at Kilve Beach. I’ve been intending to extend my choice of subjects for some time.

Chestnut tree, Nynehead

While I was at the gallery I was working on a linocut of an ancient sweet chestnut tree that I saw at Nynehead near Wellington. I didn’t manage to finish it during the two weeks. I’ll add it to the gallery on my website as soon as it’s done, so you can see the results.

Have A Go lino print
Have A Go
The Family friendly “Have a Go” event was lots of fun. I’m very grateful to St. Cuthbert’s Mill for the idea and for providing the paper too.
I created two ready cut lino blocks so that people could try printing on St Cuthbert’s lovely Somerset paper. It was a popular event with some very enthusiastic participants ranging from three years old to quite a bit older. I interpreted “family” very openly to mean “anyone at all.”  I will do a rerun of the “Have a go” event sometime, perhaps at half term.
Although the Paper Prospects exhibition is now finished, my work remains on display at the Guild alongside craft items from all the Guild’s wonderful makers.
We are getting ready for the Christmas rush, so you know where to come to do all your present shopping! We are open every day except Sunday, from 10:00 till 4:00.
I hope you enjoyed the Art Weeks.

Somerset Art Weeks 2017


Art Weeks 2017 Exhibition
Art Weeks 2017 Exhibition

My linocut prints are currently on display, until 8th October, at the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen gallery in Wells, as part of the Somerset Art Weeks festival 2017. I’ll be there most days, working on a linocut, so please do call in.

Multicolour Linocut Workshop

I’ll be running a Multicolour Linocut Workshop on 23rd and 24th August, from 10am to 2pm each day, at the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen’s gallery in Wells.

23a, Broad Street, Wells, Somerset BA5 2DJ

Contact the Guild Gallery (01749 671 112) for details and booking.

The cost of the workshop is £70 per person, maximum four people.


Linocut Workshop in Wells Somerset

I’m running a multicolour linocut print workshop, on Saturday 13th May 2017, at the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen’s gallery in Wells. This is a follow on from the Linocut for Beginners workshop that I run. The focus is on learning more advanced registration techniques and processes for making multi-colour prints with accurate registration at home, without the need for a press. It will not focus on mark making or cutting. The aim is for each participant to cut two blocks and use these to make a two colour print. The technique used will allow you to make prints with more than two colours, as many as you want.

All tools and equipment required are provided for use on the day and you will be able create your own unique 2 colour print. There is a maximum of 4 participants to ensure individual attention.

The workshop will start promptly at 10am and finish around 4pm. The cost is £55.00 and can be booked via the Guild gallery in Wells.:-
23a Broad Street, Wells BA5 2DJ (behind Pickwick’s Cafe)
tel. 01749 671112


Somerset prints by a Somerset artist on Somerset paper

My latest print is a monochrome linocut print of a Bishop’s Palace window in Wells, Somerset, printed on St Cuthberts Mill’s Somerset paper.

The Bishop’s Palace is a medieval palace that has been home to the bishops of Bath and Wells for over 800 years.

St. Cuthbert’s have been making paper at their mill just outside Wells since the 1700’s.

I turned up fairly recently and am now making prints of historic local subjects on beautiful local paper.

As ever, this image is available in the form of a greetings card and the original will soon be available in galleries.

Wells Cathedral Retrochoir

I recently finished this linocut print of the view through the Retrochoir to the Lady Chapel in Wells Cathedral. It is a 20 x 30cm, five colour, reduction print. I haven’t decided yet how many of the 14 prints will make it into the edition.

Linocut print of Wells Cathedral Retrochoir

In case you are wondering what a retrochoir is, it is just a name for the space between the high altar and the chapel behind it. Wells Cathedral has a particularly beautiful one.

This print will soon be available for sale, on my website and in galleries. At the moment it is still drying. However, it is already available in the form of a greetings card, at the price of £2.50 from the Love From The Artist website.

Cards, with love from the artist


Many of my prints are now available in the form of greetings cards from a wonderful organisation called “Love from the Artist.” They are a social enterprise, not run for profit, set up to help artists. You can read more about the way they work and their goals, here.

Buying cards from them is a brilliant way to support artists and the arts. Sales of cards might not seem very significant, but they do tend to add up, and can help artists cover the cost of materials. They can make the difference between an artist making a profit and carrying on, or not.


You can see my page and what I hope will be a growing collection of cards on their site. I’ve ordered some of the cards myself and I am really impressed with the quality.

If you happen to run a gallery or shop, particularly in Wells, or elsewhere in Somerset, then you can buy my cards at very competitive retail prices direct from the site.